ATS Integration

ATS Integration

ATS Integrations

We keep it simple. A no-hassle ATS background check integration.

Integrated ATS Background Check

An ATS integration provides employers with the ability to administer the hiring process from one convenient location. SwiftCheck makes it easy to establish a secure background check API integration with 37 popular Applicant Tracking Systems. Our ability to integrate the an ATS background check provides a faster turnaround time and leads to hiring talent faster. Allow our team to provide an ATS background check solution so that you can hire top talent faster.

How does the Integrated ATS Background Check Solution Work?

SwiftCheck uses the latest background check API integration technology to seamlessly integrate the most popular ATS platforms on the market. By utilizing HR-XML, and our Rest API technology we can securely provide screening data without the hassle of toggling between systems.

37 Popular ATS Integrations

  • ABD
  • ADP VirtualEdge
  • Applicant Harbor
  • Ascentis
  • Apsen Grove
  • Avionte
  • BrassRing
  • Bullhorn
  • ClicknHire
  • Collabera
  • Compas
  • Decision Toolbox
  • DecisionHR
  • EBE
  • EfficientHire
  • erecruit
  • HRSmart
  • iCIMS

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