Background Check Services for Employers

Background Check Services for Employers

Background Check Services

Receive a report on all of the legal history of your candidate by performing Background Check Services for employment screening purposes.

Hiring Background Check

A Hiring Background Check report is useful to conclude the candidate search and extend job offers.

Core benefits to Background Check Services

Reliable information from vetted and up-to-the-minute data resources.

Access to critical sources such as county, state, national criminal database, state unified, sex offender and federal criminal record checks.

Authenticates the legal identity of the candidate in question.

Adds data intelligence to the hiring process.

Why is this important to the employment background screening process?

With SwiftCheck, it’s not just a background check, but an employment screening program catered to the needs of your organization. We work with every client to implement a Hiring Background Check based on your industry’s requirements and CRA Background Check standards. A complaint, and custom-tailored background check, can provide organizations with numerous benefits such as: a safe work environment, reduction in liability, decrease in employee turnover and peace of mind. Background Check Services for Employers exploit holes in the hiring process such as falsified resume information, work eligibility and criminal record information. You no longer need to be in the dark with regards to your candidate’s criminal history.  Learn how SwiftCheck can provide the right Background Check Services for your organization.

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