DMV Record Check

DMV Record Check

DMV Background Check for Employment

Be informed about your candidate’s driving history for employment screening purposes.

DMV Record Check

A DMV Record Check or a Driving License Verification is helpful in conducting a comprehensive driving background check. 

Core benefits to a DMV Record Check

Validating the driving tendencies related to the candidate.

Provides driving history such as traffic violations, license suspensions, license class and issue / expiration dates.

Offers insight for jobs that require driving license verification such as CDL driving and transportation related job positions.

Why is this important to the employment background screening process?

A DMV Record Check enhances the employment background screening report by displaying driving related information on the candidate in question. Access to a driving background check is allowed in all 50 states. Additionally, SwiftCheck provides instant driving records from states that offer instantaneous results. Though widely considered an employment search specifically for driving and transportation positions, SwiftCheck finds that there are benefits to a DMV background check for various job positions. Learn how SwiftCheck can provide the right DMV Record Check for your organization.

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