Education Background Check

Education Background Check

Education Background Check

Stay informed about your candidate’s previous education background check for employment screening purposes.

Degree Verification

A Degree Verification screening report is useful in conducting a comprehensive driving background check. 

Core benefits to a Degree Verification

Validates that the degree provided by the candidate is authentic.

Provides accurate dates of attendance and degree types.

Expands a variety of education types from high school diplomas to post-secondary degrees.

Why is this important to the employment background screening process?

It’s simple, SwiftCheck’s Degree Verification confirms if the diploma or degree claimed by the candidate on their application / resume. A background check education verification includes the authentication of a variety of education types such as: high school diplomas, GED’s college degrees and trade school certificates. This background check education verification also includes dates of attendance, GPA, academic performance, college degree type and major of course study. An education background check is one way to verify college degree of a candidate. Authenticating a candidate’s education can help aid in the employment screening process. Learn how SwiftCheck can provide the right Degree Verification for your organization.

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