SSN Trace

SSN Trace

Social Security Trace

Trace your candidate’s current and former addresses for employment screening purposes.

SSN Trace

A SSN or a Social Security Check Verification is helpful in conducting a comprehensive Social Security Records Search. 

Core benefits to the SSN Trace

Validating that the SSN provided by the candidate belongs to that individual.

Listing of name variations or aliases that are associated with the candidate.

A 7 year county search which provides additional addresses to be verified during the screening process.

Why is this important to the employment background screening process?

The SSN Trace is a powerful screening tool because it displays which jurisdictions should and shouldn’t be searched when screening a candidate.  The Social Security Trace acts as the cornerstone to the accuracy of an employment background screening report.  The rest of the employment screening report will depend on the data found within the Social Security Record Search. Unless a search is performed on all names and addresses, some records may be missed. A Social Security Check Verification can be used to determine which court jurisdictions should be searched for criminal record history.

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