TalentReef Background Check

Talentreef Background Check

TalentReef Background Check


We keep it simple. A no-hassle TalentReef ATS background check integration.


TalentReef Background Check

SwiftCheck Screening provides a pre-built integrated TalentReef background check to users. This TalentReef integration allows background check information to the TalentReef ATS. From the standard TalentReef background check integration to a complex ATS integration solution, SwiftCheck offers an integration that fits your organization’s needs. Our Swift Suite technology solutions allow better employment background screening turnaround times and cost-saving features without ever having to leave the TalentReef interface.

About TalentReef

talentReef is the HR Software powering today’s service industry talent revolution. We believe business growth comes through tapping into top talent and nurturing employees as they achieve their career goals. talentReef provides simple, proven HR solutions designed for the service industry’s unique challenges in driving talent acquisition and delivering on the promise of sustained employee engagement. talentReef also brings deep domain expertise on addressing complicated compliance requirements that accompany an hourly workforce. Innovative recruit-to-retain solutions shouldn’t be reserved for salaried employees – we bring enterprise-grade power to the front lines in today’s war for top talent.

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