Taleo Background Check

Taleo Background Check

Taleo Background Check

We keep it simple. A no-hassle Oracle ATS background check integration.

Oracle Background Check

SwiftCheck Screening provides a pre-built integrated Oracle background check to users. This secure data flow allows background check information to the Oracle ATS. From the standard Oracle background check integration to a complex Oracle employment background check integration solution, SwiftCheck offers an integration that fits your organization’s needs. Our Swift Suite technology solutions allow better employment background screening turnaround times and cost-saving features without ever having to leave the Oracle interface.

About Oracle Taleo Enterprise Cloud Service

Leading organizations worldwide use Oracle Taleo Enterprise Cloud Service to hire the best people, align them to corporate objectives, and develop their skills to drive superior business results. Oracle Taleo Enterprise Cloud Service meets the talent management needs of the largest and most demanding enterprises with global consistency and local flexibility.

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